Career Guide 2007


Student Postmortem: P.H.L.O.P.
By Brian Kircher, Chance Lyon, and Thanh Nguyen

Physics Has Limitless Observable Possibilities! Okay, maybe the title of this game doesn’t exactly make you want to jump out of your seat and shoot some zombies, but you can’t knock the team that built it. Three DigiPen students share what went right and what went wrong in creating this physics-based puzzle game.

Is Modding Useful?
By Alistair Wallis

Once upon a time you had an idea for a video game. You said, “I just have to make this!” And so you did. You drew up some design documents. You doodled on the back of your checkbook. And one day, with the help of a few friends, it all came together when you realized you could morph an existing game engine into your very own dream game. Was it all just fun and games, or is it possible to claim that experience on your resume? Can you get a job if you’ve only ever developed mods?

A Day In the Life
By Andrew Zaferakis, Ben Lichius, and Ben Schneider

Taxicab Confessions? How about Developer Diaries? If you’ve ever wondered what a game developer actually does each day at work, here’s your chance to find out. We asked three pros to take notes on a typical day and put together a journal of what happened. In this exclusive article, take a peek at what goes on inside three studios.

Top 10 Tips
By Jeff Ward, Tom Carroll, Michel Kripalani, Toby Schadt, and Stuart Roch

Ten things things you need to know right now to prepare you for life as a video game programmer, modeler, animator, designer, or producer. Undecided? These tips do more than just guide—they also shed light on the personality profiles of each profession so you can ask yourself where you’ll fit in best.


Game Plan
Jill Duffy
Birth and Being
Who To Know & What To Do
Our guide to meeting the right people at the hottest industry venues.
More Bang For Your Buck
Jill Duffy
The only place to find out how much money entry-level developers make.
Types Of Schools
Brandon Sheffield
Confused about your academic options? Worried about whether you’ll be hirable upon graduation? We’ve knocked down some walls for you by mapping out the basic differences between different types of institutions.
Make The Most Of U. Time
Brandon Sheffield
Three former students give tips on how they made the leap from academia into the professional game-making world.
Game School Directory
A list of major North American schools with game development classes and a handful of international ones, too.
Advice From The Line
By Karsden Mörderhäschen
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