November 2007


Postmortem: 2K Games' Bioshock
By Alyssa Finley

Iterate, iterate, iterate. That’s the message from 2K Games’ BioShock postmortem—from the game’s humbling early user tests to the last-minute spit and polish, iteration saved the day for this artistically excellent title. That, and an Australian team that could work while the main team in Boston was sleeping.

Scaling Small
By Stefan Reinalter

What do you get when you take a PC engine and move it to the Nintendo DS? A mess of memory problems, that’s what. Austrian developer Sproing went through the laborious process of porting its adventure game engine from PC to DS, and learned a lot of workarounds and techniques along the way, which could very well help your company if it decides to undertake a similar endeavor.

Ten Commandments of Quality Assurance
By Chuck McFadden

As an industry, we’re not traditionally good at determining universal best practices. This could be due to the frequent changes our medium goes through, or the fact that everyone’s just too busy working to take an overview. But luckily for us, the IGDA quality assurance special interest group has come up  a list of ten equally important commandments for Q/A which should help you better utilize that mysterious group of people on the other side of the office.


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Brandon Sheffield
Japan's Slipped Grip
Heads Up Display
Tokyo Game Show quotes, EA buys Pandemic and BioWare, IGF Mobile announced, and more.
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David March
Side Effects’ Houdini 9 and product reviews.
Business Level
Russell Carroll
Where Credit is Due
Pixel Pusher
Steve Theodore
Every Picture Tells a Story
The Inner Product
Mick West
Embedded Scripting
Game Shui
Noah Falstein
Fishy Rules
Aural Fixation
Jesse Harlin
Speaking in Tongues
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