April 2008


Game Developer's 7th Annual Salary Survey
By Jeffrey Fleming

How does your salary stack up against that of the rest of your field? Where are developers more likely to own homes? Does higher education mean higher pay? We break down the hard truth for you in this annual feature, which shows that developers as a group on average now make about $73,600 per year across all disciplines and experience levels. If you want to get your due, this is the feature you can't afford to miss!

Postmortem - Naughty Dog's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
By Neil Druckmann and Richard Lemarchand

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is one of the most critically-acclaimed PlayStation 3 games so far, and features the best shirt-wetting physics bar none. It takes the childhood dreams of developers raised on Indiana Jones and brings them to virtual reality. Naughty Dog takes us through the treasures and snake-filled pitfalls of their first game based in a realistic human world.

Ode To Short Dialog
By Ben Schneider

Game developers are in the habit of producing epics-or trying to at least, and there's often a perception that long, sprawling dialog is a path toward that end. Ben Schneider, formerly of Iron Lore Entertainment, calls that idea into question, offering the possibility that direct, purposeful writing in games leads to a better experience for the player.


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