Career Guide 2008


Student Postmortem - Gesundheit!
By Matt Hammill

Gesundheit! is an unusual game about a pig monster that eats boogers-but what's even more unusual is that its creator Matt Hammill made the game simply on his own initiative. He wasn't at a game school, and his university didn't have a game program, but where there's a will there's a way! This article discusses the highs and lows of his development experience.

How a Game Gets Made
By Brandon Van Slyke

Ever wonder about the process of making a game? This article walks you through the steps developers and publishers take to bring a traditional console game to market, beginning with that certain gleam in a developer's eye.

Game Job Interview Questions
By Jake Simpson

Nothing is scarier than interviewing for a job you actually want. Here, you'll see some common game job questions, and some guidance on how to answer them-and also how not to answer them.

Top 10 Tips
By Tim Lang, Michael J. Boccieri, Noel Llopis, Rob Bridgett, and Robert Chang

Whether you're looking to enter the field of game design, production, programming, audio design, or art, we've got an expert at hand to give you a head start. These top 10 tips should not only help you focus your school time, but also improve your effectiveness once you do get that first job.


Game Plan
Jill Duffy
Games in Abstraction
Who To Know & What To Do
A primer to some of the industry's most important events and organizations.
Paycheck Please!
Information on salaries for entry-level developers. This could be you!
What Is A Game Engine?
Jeff Ward
A high-level discussion of game engines and associated terms.
The Disciplines
Albert T. Ferrier
Ever wonder what the people with these fancy job titles like game designer and programmer actually do? Wonder no longer!
Student Survey
Jill Duffy
What schools are prospective developers attending? What do they like about their classes? What don't they like? Massive stats lie within!
School Directory
A list of North American schools with game development classes, and a selection of international schools as well.
Thomas Grové
How well do you know game history and game design?
Arrested Development
Matthew Wasteland
Five ways to get into the game industry.
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