January 2008


Postmortem: Midway Games' Stranglehold
By Brian Eddy

Stranglehlold was an attempt to take the best elements of John Woo's famous films, and translate them into the video game world. Between project scope changes and difficulties with unfinished tools, the team managed to create a title that's nothing if not an interactive John Woo movie-here's how.

Thinking With Portals
By Kim Swift, Erik Wolpaw, and Jeep Barnett

From the game's university-created roots through to its Orange Box-ed release, Portal was an exercise in creativity. Here, three members of the eight-person team come together to discuss Valve's iterative playtesting process, the power of simple storytelling, and clever ways to present new ideas to a mass-market audience.

GDC 2008 Editors' Preview
By Brandon Sheffield, Jeffrey Fleming, Christian Nutt, Jill Duffy, and Leigh Alexander

Want to know what we really think about this year's GDC? Of course you do! This is your chance to scoop up our hot knowledge and insights into the rapidly-approaching conference. Editors from our multiple publications come together to weigh in on what's hot and what's not.

2007 Front Line Awards
By Jeffrey Fleming

It's been a year of consolidation for some, and growth for others, but nothing changes the importance of tools in game development. Here, we honor the best and brightest tools of 2007, and enter one indispensable tool into the Hall of Fame.


Game Plan
Brandon Sheffield
New Year's Fears
Heads Up Display
Activision/Vivendi merger, new ESA appointment, and ESRB rating statistics by console.
Tool Box
Tom Carroll, Thomas Grové, and Amir Ebrahimi
Unity Technologies' Unity 2.1 reviewed.
The Inner Product
Mick West
Relational Databases
Pixel Pusher
Steve Theodore
Custom Tools
Game Shui
Noah Falstein
Orange Box, Gold Star
Aural Fix
Rob Bridgett
Post-Production Audio
Business Level
Scott D. Nelson
Going Independent
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