May 2008


Postmortem: Harmonix's Rock Band
By Rob Kay

Witness Harmonix's transformation from a game developer to a peripheral manufacture hybrid, as the company undertakes its most ambitious game to date-one which comes close to fulfilling the studio's ultimate vision. From controller management to over-stretched leads, this postmortem chronicles the trials and tribulations of this innovative game.

Engines Of Creation
By Jon Jordan

Third-party licensed game engines are increasingly used in the development of high-profile titles. But which is right for you? Here, we lay the major entries' features side-by-side.

Interview: Mike Zak
By Christian Nutt

Halo 3 environment artist Mike Zak talks designing art for curious players, Halo's unique look, and Bungie's newfound independence.

The Game Developer Market
By Paul Hyman

The job market is hot right now, especially for developers with experience. This state of the industry report aims to discern what companies are really looking for.

Design Of The Times: Idea Synthesis
By Damion Schubert

Ruminations on collaborative design and humility as ways to get ahead as a game designer.

Aural Fixation: The Three Rs of Audio Leadership
By Jesse Harlin

An audio lead and a sound designer necessarily have different skill sets-three of which are outlined here.

Arrested Development: It's a Trap!
By Matthew Wasteland

Tips for surviving in a manager-driven world.


Game Plan
Brandon Sheffield
Share and Share Alike
Heads Up Display
Engine talk, Nocturnal Initiative, used games research, and more.
Tool Box
Sharan Volin
Audiokinetic's Wwise
The Inner Product
Noel Llopis
Implementing Deterministic
Pixel Pusher
Steve Theodore
Raw Crude
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