Career Guide 2009


Student Postmortem: Akrasia
By Louis Teo

It all began with a premise-make a game based on an abstract, like love, hate, or honor. This group of 10 students took to the task, and learned a lot in the process. Read on for a window into the development process of a student game.

By Jill Duffy

You need experience to get a job, and you need a job to get experience. This catch-22 happens in all industries, but it's even more difficult to conquer in a competitive industry like game development, which attracts some of the brightest and most technically savvy people on the planet. Luckily, a few do-it-yourselfers in the game industry know how it can be done.

Do It Yourself
By Jeffrey Fleming

It used to be that only high-powered coders could make their own games by themselves. But these days, a host of accessible tools make it easier for anyone with the time, dedication, and creativity to become a proper game developer. We go in-depth with four of these low-priced engines, and show their ups and downs.

Tips From The Pros
By Hal Barwood, Stuart Roch, Robi Kauker, Lee Petty, and Brad Bulkley

Want a little advice about getting that first job in your chosen discipline? How about some tips about how to use your time once you get it? Here, five industry professionals share some of the secrets to their success, in handy bullet-pointed lists.


Game Plan
Brandon Sheffield
Industry Intro
Who To Know and What To Do
A guide to the game industry's events and organizations.
Get Money, Get Paid
Jill Duffy
Comprehensive information on salaries for entry-level developers.
Artsy Games Creation
Jim Monroe
A method for making games even if you have no prior experience.
Culture Fit
Andrea Malloni
Sure, you want a game studio to like you-but how do you know if the studio is the right one for you?
10 Important Indies
Tim W. Boon
An introduction to the world of indie games.
Interview: Eversion
Jeffrey Fleming
A Brazilian DIY game maker shares his secrets.
School Directory
A list of schools with game development courses in North America, with an international list, to boot.
Arrested Development
Matthew Wasteland
You got the job, now what?
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