February 2009


Postmortem - Golden Axe: Beast Rider
By Michael Boccieri

In one of the most honest postmortems in recent memory, Secret Level producer Michael Boccieri takes us through the troubled development of a $15 million game with an aggregate review rating of under 50 percent. Boccieri explains how the studio ultimately turned this frown upside-down, strengthening the team along the way.

Game Developers Conference 2009 Preview
By Brandon Sheffield, Jeffrey Fleming, Simon Carless, Jill Duffy, Chris Remo, and Christian Nutt

If you like the idea of a bunch of smart-alecky editors telling you what you should like about GDC, this is the article for you. Herein, we defend our top picks (as of press time) for the latest edition of this seminal conference.

Snakes on a Seamless Living World
By David Hawes

As a scripting language, Stackless Python is meant to serve the needs of multi-threaded environments, namely each of the current gen home consoles and PCs. Here, author David Hawes details how to get the language working in-engine on consoles.

Good Morning Class!
By Bronwen Grimes

Introducing new tools to artists who just want to get on with making their game is no easy task. It can be done, but it takes a lot of finesse, a lot of understanding, and maybe a technical artist or two.

Interview: Tsutomu Kouno
By Christian Nutt

Tsutomu Kouno is the creator of the casually hardcore title LocoRoco, and in this brief interview shares some of the reasoning behind this charming game.


Game Plan
Brandon Sheffield
Heads Up Display
Top 10 indie freeware games, accessibility development, and Game Developer Research's iPhone report.
Jeffrey Fleming
Toronto, Ontario
Tool Box
Marc-André Guindon and Bijan Forutanpour
Autodesk MotionBuilder 2009 and Programming the Cell Processor for Games, Graphics, and Computation book review.
The Inner Product
Noel Llopis
Start Pre-Allocating
Pixel Pusher
Steve Theodore
Over and Over and Over and Over
Design Of The Times
Damion Schubert
Focusing Your Innovation
Aural Fixation
Jesse Harlin
Generation XX
Arrested Development
Matthew Wasteland
Hard News
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