November 2009


Postmortem - 5th Cell's Scribblenauts
By Joseph M. Tringali

Scribblenauts is a pie-in-the-sky concept come to life, and there's a lot for developer 5th Cell to be proud of. Plus, in a game where the object is to write anything and have it come to life on the screen, what could go wrong? A whole lot, of course-from QA to localization to controls, all facts are laid bare.

Gaming In The Cloud
By Jake Cannell

Companies like OnLive and Gaikai are promising the gaming world on a platter with cloud computing-supported game services. But how viable is it, really? Programmer Jake Cannell takes a look at the technical and financial logistics behind this emerging space.

The Game Developer 50
By Brandon Sheffield, Jeffrey Fleming, and Simon Carless

In concert with our advisory board, we've highlighted 50 important achievements of the last year-or-so, and associated them with specific persons in order to acknowledge individual work. It's no easy feat to distill the work of many into a few names, but we attempted it here.

Interview: Naoto Ohshima
By Brandon Sheffield

Ohshima is best known as the character designer for Sonic the Hedgehog and director of NiGHTS into Dreams, and here we investigate his motivations, thoughts, and his fascination with time.


Game Plan
Brandon Sheffield
To Be Continued
Heads Up Display
Good Old Designs, Sense of Wonder Night 2009, and more.
Tool Box
Zoltan Erdokovy and Bijan Forutanpour
Luxology's Modo 401, and Real Time Cameras book
The Inner Product
Mick West
Jump To It
Pixel Pusher
Steve Theodore
Most Likely to Succeed
Design Of The Times
Damion Schubert
The Art of Fun
Aural Fixation
Jesse Harlin
The Magic of Misdirection
Arrested Development
Matthew Wasteland
Stack Trace: Industry Detective
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