February 2010


Postmortem - Gearbox's Borderlands
By Aaron Thibault

As Gearbox's first original IP in many years, Borderlands had a lot riding on it. The game wound up having an interesting design coupled with a new art style-but it didn't start that way. The team took a circuitous route to success, as Aaron Thibault explains.

Postmortem - RedLynx's Trials HD
By Jorma Sainio, Sebastian Aaltonen, Antti Ilvessuo, and Tero Virtala

The Trials series has been around for some time, but Trials HD marks RedLynx's first breakout success. Discussed here are the troubles getting up and running on XBLA, the magic of physics, and more.

2010 GDC Preview Guide
By Game Developer and staff

Talk highlights, summit discussions, and information abound in our annual pre-GDC feature. We make the choices so you don't have to!

Game Developer Research - State Of Development
By Chris Remo

In this Game Developer Research-partnered report, we reveal stats and figures related to our audience, from number of employees to core markets and game engine usage.

Sound Propagation
By Scott Haraldsen

Sound propagation systems help your game sound more realistic, but some teams still don't implement them. Scott Haraldsen outlines what it takes to make this happen, including design considerations.


Game Plan
Brandon Sheffield
Sweating the Small Stuff
Heads Up Display
IGF finalists announced, 2009 console market statistics, and Flashpunk release information.
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Logan Foster
3D Interactive's pureLIGHT
The Inner Product
Adam Saltsman
Constructed Procedural Generation
Pixel Pusher
Steve Theodore
Pushbutton Art?
Design Of The Times
Soren Johnson
Theme Is Not Meaning
Aural Fixation
Vincent Diamante
Surfing the Loop
Good Job!
Brett Seyler interview, and who went where.
Educated Play
Focus on DePaul University's student game The Devil's Tuning Fork.
Arrested Development
Matthew Wasteland
Your Annual Review
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