January 2010


2009 Front Line Awards
By Eric Arnold, Alex Bethke, Rachel Cordone, Sjoerd De Jong, Richard Jacques, Rodrigue Pralier, and Bri

We're happy to present our 12th annual tools awards, representing the best in game industry software, across engines, middleware, production tools, audio tools, and beyond, as voted by the Game Developer audience.

Postmortem - NCsoft's Aion
By NCsoft South Korean Team

Aion is NCsoft's next big subscription MMORPG, originating from the company's home base in South Korea. In our first-ever Korean postmortem, the team discusses how Aion survived worker fatigue, stock drops, and real money traders, providing budget and demographics information along the way.

Rethinking User Interface
By Brian Robbins

Thinking of making a game for multitouch-based platforms? This article offers a look at the UI considerations when moving to this sort of interface, including specific advice for touch offset, and more.

Center Of Mass
By Eiko Oba

This technical artist-oriented article from an ex pro gymnast shows how you can use math and physics (specifically dealing with gravity) to improve your character animation. The author most recently worked on UFC Undisputed 2009, which has some of the best body interpolation and animation seen in games.


Game Plan
Brandon Sheffield
Going Through the Motions
Heads Up Display
Open Source Space Games, new NES music engine, and Gamma IV contest announcement.
Tool Box
Chris DeLeon
Unity Technologies' Unity 2.6
The Inner Product
Jake Cannell
Brick by Brick
Pixel Pusher
Steve Theodore
Tilin'? Stylin'!
Design Of The Times
Damion Schubert
Get Real
Aural Fixation
Jesse Harlin
Good Job!
Konami sound team mass exodus, Kim Swift interview, and who went where.
Educated Play
Focus on ENJMIN's student game AZ66.
Arrested Development
Matthew Wasteland
Dear Mr. Wasteland
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