May 2010


Postmortem - Telltale Games'
Tales of Monkey Island
By Emily Morganti

As a studio founded by LucasArts veterans, episodic gaming pioneer Telltale Games went back to its roots with Tales of Monkey Island. Telling a story over five chapters allowed the team to fill out the game's narrative but presented unique challenges to the art and production pipeline.

Tales From The Crunch
By Brandon Sheffield

The Horror! Crunch time is a fact of life in the game industry; everybody hates it but no one seems to know how to avoid it. Here we gather round the campfire to share some hilarious and horrifying crunch tales to chill your bones.

True Physics
By Eric Brown

One of the vital components of a physics engine is the code that integrates Newton's laws of motion. There are several techniques that employ approximations of calculus in order to numerically solve this problem. In this article Eric Brown proposes a scheme that can solve this problem without approximation.

An Island of Details
By Ron Gilbert

Twenty years after its release The Secret of Monkey Island continues to charm players. Here Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert walks you through some of the design decisions behind its classic gameplay.


Game Plan
Brandon Sheffield
Adapt To Survive
Heads Up Display
The chipsounds soft synth, the 8th annual Awards, and Ralph Baer joins the Inventors Hall of Fame.
Tool Box
Jeffrey Fleming
Game Developers Conference 2010 show floor report.
The Inner Product
David Tuft
Plane-Based Depth Bias For Percentage Closer Filtering
Designer's Notebook
Jordan Mechner
Prince of Persia: May 3, 1987
Pixel Pusher
Steve Theodore
Blind Alleys
Design Of The Times
Damion Schubert
Win Expectancy
Aural Fixation
Jesse Harlin
The Global Asset List
Good Job!
Brandon Sheffield
Akira Yamaoka interview and new studios.
Educated Play
Jeffrey Fleming
Joshua Nuernberger's Boryokudan Rue
Arrested Development
Matthew Wasteland
Phone Tag With The Art Contractor From Hell
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