October 2010


Postmortem: Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII
By Motomu Toriyama and Akihiko Maeda

When development started on Final Fantasy XIII its gameplay, scenario, and technical specs were only vaguely defined. But this didn't stop the team from motoring ahead anyway, creating assets at an ever increasing pace with no clear sense as to whether they would even be usable in the game. It wasn't until the team was obligated to create a playable demo for the Japanese market that the title's ultimate design came into focus. In this postmortem we get a unique look at the creation of a game whose epic scope almost got the better of the studio.

Companies To Watch
By Jeffrey Fleming and Brandon Sheffield

The game industry is a constantly shifting landscape. What companies should you be watching to see which way the wind is blowing? Here Game Developer looks at 20 companies that currently or have the potential to set the course for the industry's future.

Top 20 Publishers
By Brandon Sheffield

In this companion piece to Game Developer's "Companies To Watch," we look at the publishers that are having the biggest influence over the direction of the game industry.

By JT Hooker

Volition are the masters of destruction. Here we get a detailed examination of the shader techniques used by the studio to create shattered glass effects in its upcoming Red Faction Armageddon.

Interview: Erik Johnson
By Brandon Sheffield

Portal was one of those rare, perfectly encapsulated experiences where gameplay and aesthetics were in complete harmony. So how does one go about creating a sequel without disrupting the elegant balance of the original? According to Portal 2 project manager Erik Johnson, keeping players surprised is the key.


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