Career Guide 2011


By Kevin Zuhn, John Murphy, Nick Esparza, Jake Anderson, Brian O'Donnell

Octodad is proof positive that passion and creativity matters more than most things in games. The Octodad team took a bizarre concept, deliberately added in the complicated controls, and came out with something utterly charming. In this postmortem, the team discusses the process of bringing this game to life through their school program.

Unite and Conquer
By Bradley Johnson

Unity is currently a top choice among engines for indie developers, as shown by a recent engine survey in Game Developer. Here, we provide a tutorial to get you started making a basic 3D game which you can tweak further and make your own.

Getting There From Here
By Chevy Ray Johnson

Pathfinding is an under-discussed, but important part of game development. How do characters navigate an environment without slamming into everything, or stopping at every wall? How do they navigate toward a goal? This article should help you wrap your head around the basics.

Pushing Pixels!
By Gary J. Lucken

Working with pixels truly is an art, but given their modular nature, if you keep fussing with them, you can eventually create competent work even if you can't draw a straight line. Pixel animation is a big part of many games, especially indie projects, so we've supplied a tutorial to make a simple floating animated character, which should also teach you the basic principles of pixel animation.


Game Plan
Brandon Sheffield
Just Do It!
Who To Know and What To Do
A guide to the industry's important events and organizations
The Crowdfunding Revolution
R. Hunter Gough
A guide to several different crowdfunding services tht can help you get your game off the ground
Salary Survey
Brandon Sheffield and Ryan Newman
A comprehensive breakdown of salaries for entry-level developers and beyond
Educated Play
Jeffrey Fleming and Tom Curtis
Interviews with students whose games made a mark on the indie scene
Pitching to Publishers
Samuli Syvahuoko
If you want to take your game to consoles through a publisher, here is a starter guide
Competitive Spirit
Tom Curtis
An introduction to the best-regarded indie game competitions
School Directory
A listing of schools with game development programs in North America and the rest of the world
Am I Indie?
John Graham
Do you have what it takes to be an independent game developer?
Arrested Development
Matthew Wasteland
Video Game Characters Apply for Video Game Jobs
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