May 2011


Xbox Live Indie Games
By Robert Boyd, Nathan Fouts, Michael Muir, James Silva, and Ian Stocker

The Xbox Live Indie Games service began as an experiment to let developers publish their games on consoles directly. Since then, a number of standouts have emerged among the over 1,600 games. Here, we feature five excellent examples of the XBLIG spirit; Cthulu Saves the World, Shoot1UP, Epic Dungeon, ZP2KX, and Soulcaster II.

Game Engine Survey 2011
By Mark DeLoura

A lot has changed since our last engine survey in 2009, especially in regards to the treatment of indies. Engine providers have seen the writing on the wall, and now incorporate smaller platforms, while still supporting large-scale companies. Through extensive surveys, we attempt to discern what is most important to developers when choosing a new engine.

Game Dev Heroes
By Brandon Sheffield

In every game project, there are unsung heroes. There's the person that fixes the "unfixable" legacy bug, or devises the concept that ultimately makes the game fun, or finds the visual theme that ties everything together. We set out to find these people, and to sing their praises.


Game Plan
Brandon Sheffield
Accepting Free-To-Play
Heads Up Display
The Video Game Crowdfunding Cheat Sheet, Silver Eddie Award, Strong National Museum of Play, and Gamestorm celebrates Paper Prototyping.
Tool Box
Darius Kazemi
Dominic Szablewski: Impact Game Engine
The Inner Product
Vincent Scheib
The Future of Browsers
Aural Fixation
Jesse Harlin
Stacking Overflow
Design of the Times
Soren Johnson
The End of Games?
The Business
John Graham
Build Your Own Buzz
Pixel Pusher
Steve Theodore
Legal Age: Photoshop Turns 21
Good Job!
Brandon Sheffield
Michael Dashow Q&A, Who Went Where, and New Studios
Educated Play
Tom Curtis
Arrested Development
Matthew Wasteland
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