August 2012


Dear Esther
By Dan Pinchbeck

Dear Esther started as a narrative-driven Source Engine mod made as part of a research project, and turned into a standalone cult hit that made back its Indie Fund investment within six hours of its release. In this postmortem from thechineseroom, writer and project lead Dan Pinchbeck explains how the team created a powerful game that took the “S” out of “FPS.”

AI Architectures: What's On The Menu?
By Dave Mark

How do you choose the right artificial intelligence architecture for your game? Even if you do your homework, it’s not always easy to know which architecture best fits your game genre, design, and development workflow until you dive in. AI consultant Dave Mark walks you through the most prevalent AI structures to help find the one that best complements your game.

Beyond The Heat Map
By Anders Drachen

Get better game analytics, and you’ll be better able to understand what makes your players tick. Heatmaps are only the tip of the iceberg, though. You can use telemetry data, geographic information systems, and trajectory analyses to fine-tune your game even further, and with greater control.


Game Plan
Brandon Sheffield
The Aftermarket
Heads Up Display
Heads Up Display
Tool Box
Alexander Brandon
RAD Game Tools’s Miles Sound System
The Inner Product
John Szczepaniak
A Basic History of BASIC
Aural Fixation
Alexander Brandon
Audio in Unity 101
Design of the Times
Soren Johnson
When Digital Meets Physical
The Business
Paul Taylor
In Defense of Paying Once
Pixel Pusher
Steve Theodore
Tread Lightly
GDC News
DC Europe adds Journey, Goldeneye 007 postmortems
Good Job!
Patrick Miller
Q&A with Taiyoung Ryu, new studios, and who went where
Educated Play
Patrick Miller
Love Punks
Arrested Development
Matthew Wasteland
Vox Populi
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