December 2012


Sound Shapes
By Mathew Kumar

Making a game built around making music (and having fun doing it) is incredibly challenging, but Queasy Games’s Sound Shapes made it look easy. Building Sound Shapes was far from easy, though—underneath its elegant design lies dozens of discarded prototypes and small-studio growing pains.

Year In Review
By Staff

It was nice knowing you, 2012! Game Developer rings out the year by asking a selection of accomplished developers about the new stuff they love, the old stuff they’re glad to get rid of, and more.

The Art Of War
By John Clements and Eben Bradstreet

Military shooter creators routinely consult military experts, but designers of games featuring swordplay or other forms of melee weapon-based combat rarely go to the medieval weapons experts. Medieval martial arts specialist John Clements and animator Eben Bradstreet show you how understanding realistic sword combat can make your game better (and easier to animate).

Beyond Shadows Of Doubt
By Andrew Woo and Pierre Poulin

Shadows in 3D games don’t always play nicely with other ways artists make their games look good, especially when you look at how the shadow falls on the model that’s casting it. 3D experts Andrew Woo and Pierre Poulin explain four workarounds for common self-shadowing issues.


Game Plan
Patrick Miller
2012 In Games
Heads Up Display
Front Line Award finalists and a homemade 8-bit assembly compiler
Tool Box
Mike de la Flor
Autodesk Mudbox 2013
The Inner Product
Eddie Cameron
Recording Unity
Pixel Pusher
Steve Theodore
Cheek by Jowl
Design of the Times
Jason VandenBerghe
The Four Fs of Game Design
Aural Fixation
Damian Kastbauer
Death of an Audio Engine
The Business
Kim Pallister
The 2012 Changelog
Insert Credit
Brandon Sheffield
The Avant-Game
GDC News
IGF 2013 hits record number of entries, and GDC 2013 opens registration
Good Job!
Alexandra Hall
Going indie in Mexico City, new studios, and who went where
Educated Play
Alexandra Hall
Arrested Development
M. Wasteland and M. Underland
Stack Trace and the Death of A.A.A. Development, Part I
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