January 2012


Postmortem: Deus Ex
By Jean-Francois Dugas, Martin Dubeau, David Anfossi, and Mary DeMarle

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a huge project undertaken by Eidos Montreal, to revive the Deus Ex franchise. The team managed to turn a lengthy pre-production process into later successes through the power of planning.

14th annual front line awards:
By Steve Theodore, Damian Kastbauer, Nathan Fouts, Eric Undersander, Zach Lehman, Noel Llopis, Mark Cooke

In our annual awards that honor the best tools in the business, we show the best game development tools and software across art, audio, engines, networking, middleware, and programming/production tools, as voted by you, the readers. We also place one special tool in our Hall of Fame.

Building a free-to-play back end
By Julien Hamaide

For independent companies that want to break into social or networked games but don't know what to do about the back end work, the makers of Creatures 4 have an open source solution, which they outline here.

Never enough: an interview with DeNA's Kenji Kobayashi
By Brandon Sheffield and Christian Nutt

DeNA is one of the largest social game companies in the world, operating its mobage platform across the world. We spoke with director Kenji Kobayashi about profitsharing, and paying for items that enhance player ability.


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