May 2012


Indiana Jones Adventure World
By Seth Sivak

How do you make a social game that can bring elements from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Tomb Raider to a relatively casual audience? Answer: lots of testing, lots of iterating, and lots of Indiana Jones. Zynga Boston lead designer Seth Sivak shows us what went right and wrong with Zynga’s casual-core-bridging Indiana Jones Adventure World.

2012 Social/Mobile technology survey
By Mark Deloura

Our big technology survey for 2012 focuses on the engines, tools, middleware, platforms, and services that mobile and social game developers are working with—as well as the tech they wish they were working with.

Tera: Evolving MMORPG combat
By Seungmo Koo

If your MMORPG’s players are spending more time staring at cooldown meters than the monsters they’re fighting, you’re doing it wrong. Bluehole Studios’s Seungmo Koo explains how they pulled off Tera’s truly real-time “free-targeting” combat system without breaking their servers.

What would Molydeux? Game jam postmortem
By Brandon Sheffield

During a single weekend, over 900 developers across 30-plus cities worldwide made more than 300 games as part of the “What Would Molydeux?” game jam. Read about what went right and what went wrong with organizing a massively popular game jam in just under three weeks.


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