October 2012


Rayman Origins
By Chris McEntee

How do you take a time-tested favorite like Rayman and make it fresh and fun all over again? In this month’s featured postmortem, Ubisoft designer Chris McEntee talks about how a small team building new, artist-friendly developer tools ended up turning into the triple-A team that put Rayman back on the map.

Seeing Double
By Jim Van Verth

Adding stereoscopic 3D support to your game isn’t necessarily a difficult thing to do, but doing it without having to render any given scene twice—once for each eye—is a bit trickier. Insomniac Games’s Jim Van Verth explains how the stereographic reprojection system behind Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One produced an impressive 3D effect without breaking the framerate budget.

Siggraph 2012 Highlights
By Carey Chico & Mike de la Flor

The 2012 Siggraph conference featured new technologies and trends for current-generation game devs and more affordable development tools, which could offer new opportunities for studios large and small. Game Developer correspondents Carey Chico and Mike de la Flor give us this year’s show floor highlights—and how they may shape your work in the future.

Game Over
By Carey Chico

Sometimes game studios have to shut down. Carey Chico walks us through his own experience closing his own development studio (Globex LA) and explains how you can make sure your own closing process—knock on wood—is handled responsibly, respectfully, and as gracefully as possible.


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