April 2013


XCOM: Enemy Unknown
By Garth DeAngelis

Resurrecting a complicated turn-based strategy game that practically defined “old-school hard” seems like a recipe for commercial failure in today’s market. In this month’s postmortem, Firaxis Games’s Garth DeAngelis explains how they defied the odds with XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Salary Survey
By Patrick Miller

We’re back with another Game Developer Salary Survey! Find out how much the industry made in 2012.

Crowdfunding, One Year Later
By David Daw

What does the crowdfunding landscape look like for game developers one year after the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter campaign? Game Developer talked to Greg Rice (Double Fine), Chris Roberts (Roberts Space Industries), Brenda Romero (Loot Drop), and Jim Rossignol and James Carey (Big Robot) about the current crowdfunding climate.

Mini-Mortem Roundup
By Staff

What’s it like developing for ? The devs behind Faster Than Light, Dyad, Dragon Fantasy, and War Commander share their dev experiences in this collection of short postmortems.


Game Plan
By Patrick Miller
Money Issues
Heads Up Display
By Staff
Q&As with the devs behind 7 Grand Steps and Forth Warrior
Educated Play
By Alexandra Hall
the mindful xp volume
Good Job!
By Staff
Interview with Unity co-founder Nicholas Francis, new studios, and who went where
GDC News
By Staff
GDC State of the Industry Report Reveals Major Trends
Tool Box
Dave Mark
RAIN{indie} Review
The Inner Product
By Chris Parnin
Programmer, Interrupted
Pixel Pusher
By Steve Theodore
The Downward Slope
Design of the Times
By Damion Schubert
Respecting the Player’s Wallet
Aural Fixation
By Damian Kastbauer
Stuck on Repeat
The Business
By David Edery
The Power of Relativity
Insert Credit
By Brandon Sheffield
Who Fights for the User?
Arrested Development
By M. Wasteland and M. Underland
The Visitor from...the Future
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