February 2013


Mark of the Ninja
By Jamie Cheng and Nels Anderson

How would you take established stealth game mechanics and make them work in a 2D game? Klei Entertainment founder Jamie Cheng and lead designer Nels Anderson explain just that in this month's postmortem.

Roundtable: Triple-A, Free-to-Play
By David Daw and Patrick Miller

Game Developer talks to the devs behind core free-to-play titles MechWarrior Online, Planetside 2, and Tribes: Ascend to find out how they tackle monetization design, "pay-to-win," and other challenges.

Let's Talk About Touching
By Tim Rogers

Designing a game for a touchscreen means more than grafting on a gamepad overlay. Action Button Entertainment founder Tim Rogers explains how Pong, Angry Birds, and Mac OS X inform his touchscreen-control design.

What Magic: The Gathering Can Teach Game Devs
By Will Luton

Collectible card games have much to teach game devs—especially because they've been building steam on mobile. Let's study the game that started it all.


Game Plan
By Patrick Miller
Power Word: Game
Heads Up Display
By Staff
Indies rise up on Xbox Live Indie Games, and an unorthodox speedrun
Educated Play
By Alexandra Hall
Good Job!
By Staff
Seth Sivak leads ex-Zynga devs at Proletariat Inc.; plus new studios and who went where
Tool Box
By Tatu Aalto
Umbra 3.2S
The Inner Product
By Jason McGuirk
Benchmarking Web Frameworks
Pixel Pusher
By Steve Theodore
The Goat in the Python
Design of the Times
By Soren Johnson
Should Games Have Stories?
Aural Fixation
By Damian Kastbauer
The Business
By Sana N. Choudary
It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This
Insert Credit
By Brandon Sheffield
Always Ask
Arrested Development
By M. Wasteland and M. Underland
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