January 2013


Papo & Yo
By Deborah Chantson and Julien Barnoin

How would you make a game about growing up with an alcoholic parent? Find out how Minority Media made it work in this Papo & Yo postmortem.

Front Line Awards
By Staff

The Game Developer readers have spoken: Find out which dev tools were the best in the business for 2012.

Bring Your Tools To Browsers
By Chris Edwards

The web isn’t going anywhere. Insomniac Games senior engine programmer Chris Edwards explains how—and why—they migrated their dev tools to the web.

Remixing Classics: Interview With Masaya Matsuura
By Patrick Miller

Game Developer caught up with PaRappa creator Masaya Matsuura to chat about the Japanese game industry, tech, and the new indie generation.


Game Plan
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Gamemaker Studio v1.1.7
The Inner Product
Jonathan Beilin
Intro To openFrameworks
Pixel Pusher
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Declaration Of Dependence
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M. Wasteland & M. Underland
Stack Trace And The Death Of A.A.A. Development, Part 2
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