June/July 2013


God of War: Ascension
By Whitney Wade and Chacko Sonny

Find out how Sony Santa Monica managed to make a proper follow-up to God of War 3—and designed a multiplayer mode worthy of the franchise.

Postmortem: Game Developer Magazine
By Brandon Sheffield

At long last, we get to taste our own medicine! Game Developer’s longest-running editor-in-chief Brandon Sheffield explains what went right and wrong with the magazine you’re reading now.

Top 30 Developers of All Time
By Staff

It’s time for another yearly installment of our Top 30 Developers list. This time, however, we’re calling out our top 30 game developers of all time.

Dirty Game Dev Tricks
By Staff

You know those ugly last-minute hacks and workarounds that you bring out at the last minute to make your milestone deadline? Everyone’s got them, and we asked you to share your favorites.


Game Plan
By Patrick Mille
Requiem for a Zine
Heads Up Display
By Staff
GDMixtape and Goodbye, Game Developer
Educated Play
By Alexandra Hall
Tales from the Minus Lab
Good Job!
By Patrick Miller
Interview with Frank Cifaldi
Tool Box
By Mike de la Flor
Monoprice Graphics Drawing Tabl
The Inner Product
By Mike Acton
Inner Product, Reviewed
Pixel Pusher
By Steve Theodore
The Last Pixel
The Business
By Kim Pallister and David Edery
Plus Ça Change…
Design of the Times
By Jason VandenBerghe
In the End, Tell the Truth
Aural Fixation
By Damian Kastbauer
Our Interactive Audio Future
Insert Credit
By Brandon Sheffield
The Choice
Arrested Development
I’m Leaving
By M. Wasteland and M. Underland
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