March 2013


The Walking Dead
By Kevin Bruner

Q: When is a zombie game not just a zombie game? A: When it's Game of the Year. Telltale Games CTO Kevin Bruner explains how their craft for narrative set The Walking Dead apart from the rest of the (zombie) pack.

Quality-of-Life Survey
By Brad Bulkley and Patrick Miller

Devs: How are you doing? Check out the results from Game Developer's first quality-of-life survey.

Interactive Fiction Renaissance
By Leigh Alexander

Text games are back! Game Developer talks with five movers and shakers behind the resurgence of interactive fiction.

The Old Guard
By Brandon Sheffield

Find out what's next for next-gen engines in this interview with Epic Games CTO Tim Sweeney.


Game Plan
By Patrick Miller
What is a game?
Heads Up Display
By Staff
Using an EEG for in-game telekinesis, and new tech to simulate old visuals
Educated Play
By Alexandra Hall
Good Job!
By Staff
Interview with Edward Douglas of Flying Helmet Games, new studios, and who went where
GDC News
By Staff
Game Developers Choice Awards finalists announced
Tool Box
By Staff
Parse and Hauppauge HD PVR 2: Gaming Edition
The Inner Product
By Dave Wilkinson
Studying Doom Speedrunners
Pixel Pusher
By Andrew Maximov
Ditching Diffuse Maps
Design of the Times
By Jason VandenBerghe
Aural Fixation
By Damian Kastbauer
Every Year I Buy the Magic Beans
The Business
By Kim Pallister
Crystal Balls vs. Ouija Boards
Insert Credit
By Brandon Sheffield
Read-Only Memories
Arrested Development
By M. Wasteland and M. Underland
I’ve Had It With These Lazy Devs
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